Monthly Archives: November 2012

Turning Turtle

One of many doodles created with pen on paper during meetings or while on the phone. They aren’t planned nor do I sketch them out in pencil beforehand. The results are straight from the spontaneous part of my subconscious. Some people think I’m not paying attention in the meetings but the opposite is true. These random creations stop my mind from wandering and help me focus on what’s being said.

Meeting the Prime Minister

I used to wonder what I’d say if I ever met the Prime Minister. Well, now I know.

One quiet day in August I arrived at the Newcastle Herald, made myself a cup of coffee, walked out into the newsroom and there right in my path was Julia Gillard. Before my brain had a chance to turn on I was introduced as the newspaper’s cartoonist and the PM’s gaze fixed upon me – along with most of the newsroom and her security entourage. She began with a comment about the way cartoonists draw her nose. At this point I should have swigged down the coffee, mumbled some pleasantries and moved away, but instead I discussed her pointy shnozz and then gushed that she was my favourite cartoon subject. Now, I could have said this about a male PM but not a female one. The newsroom erupted with embarrassed laughter and I was on the back foot for the rest of the conversation. To her credit the PM seemed amused by the whole thing and posed shortly after for a group shot.