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Osama Bin Laden

binladenOn the 11th of September 2001, 2 planes flew into the World Trade Centre’s towers, killing thousands of people. Osama Bin Laden went from being a minor middle eastern terrorist to the West’s greatest pariah.

This portrait in smoke won First Prize in the Australian Rotary Cartoon Awards in 2002.

Bernie Banton

BernieBantonberniebantonBernie Banton was a tireless campaigner for people suffering asbestos related conditions caused by working for the company James Hardie. I met him in 2007 a few months before he died of mesothelioma and gave him an inked portrait as a keepsake. He joked at the time that the shoes should have been high heels because the James Hardie boss was a woman.

After he died I redid the cartoon in colour as a tribute and it appeared in the Newcastle Herald. The family requested the new version and it was used as a feature at Bernie’s funeral.