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  1. kevin doyle 0407566639, 246 Scenic Dr, Merewether Hts 2291

    This is NFP in this form I can edit to protect ? my friends;
    Hi Peter
    Yesterday, Saturday 29/06 I was at my walking group with fellow old codgers incl. one or two former Keating Govt. Minister[s] and a few true believers. It was a great time of discussion, Sport, Social inequality & no sex. lots of emotional responses to the lemming like events that became a firestorm by Saturday breakfast time. The iPhone enabled were hot on the trail of any more resignations & one of our sceptics suggested that Rudd may resign now that he has nobody left to bully !
    We spoke of the upcoming Mel Brooks Cartoon Movie & inclusion of scenes from Faulty Hill Tower, Canberra. [i made that up]
    You captured Julia in repose w pooch in the Winged Power Chair knitting the Oz Labour Flag with the Ruddster walking off with a string of her yarn that pic. was my contribution to our form of Saturday Walk & Talk Liars Poker.
    Your cartoon nailed it & even the true believers were laughing ” the picture of the week in my view & prophetic, it says volumes especially, of what was to be.
    I lost the tear sheet from my copy of the Herald, [possibly lifted by one of the true believers] can i get a copy of your Cartoon, please ?
    Kevin Doyle, Senior Citizen & ole mate of Mr Ross Melville – 0407566639


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