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The Human Race

cathyfreemanIn 1994 Australian runner Cathy Freeman won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. When she celebrated by carrying the aboriginal flag in a victory lap, an Australian official reprimanded her. The official was  loudly condemned by the public and Freeman became a national hero to Aussies both black and white.

This cartoon won first prize in the National Rotary Cartoon Awards.

Australia’s carbon odyssey

carbon2012The Australian government sets up a wide-ranging carbon tax after a long fought battle. The general populace are left puzzled and bemused after years of arguments between political rivals and vested interests.

His media voice

doggonemediaThe rise of social media  – which is more about gossip than fact – has led to exaggerated stories about dogs. Wild claims have been made about domestic pets being stolen to feed dog-fighting rings, few of which have been verified by police or animal welfare groups.